In connection with the personal data processing based on the article number 13 of the European parliament and the Council of the European Union regulation 2016/679 (GDPR)on Natural person protection regarding processing and free movementof the data,we are providing following information



The keeper and the processor of your personal data is the company EKOSYSTÉMY, s.r.o.Ul. Maticeslovenskej 10, 971 01 Prievidza

You can contact us via phone at number +421 46 548 7049, in writing at given company residence address, or by mail:



We endeavor to minimalize the extent of the processed data, taking into consi-deration the quality of the service in order to fulfil the legal obligations and to protect our legitimate interests. We are processing the personal data of our customers as well as the data of our potential customers who gave us the permission to do so.


We process following categories of personal data:

  • Basic information: Your name, your surname and the name of your company,in case you are a self-employed Natural person
  • Contact information: your email and  your phone number,
  • information about our services and products you either bought or are considering buying
  • Email and chat communication records, or other form of commutation in written or electronic form
  • Geolocalization data: geographical data downloaded from a web browser of a pc or a mobile application.  This data may serve in the sense of the “cookies usage”



Our page is using following types of cookies (cookies are short text files saved in a pc or a device by web browser:

  • Temporary cookies. Are used for example after a logging in to identify a user for the period of time he is logged in. Some of our services may not work or their functionality might be limited without these cookies. Temporary cookies are automatically removed when the web browser is shutdown.
  • Permanent cookies remain saved in a web browser even if the pc is turned off. These cookies contain user settings and serve to enhance his comfort while using our services, or they can be possibly used for statistical and advertising purposes.
  • The cookies files from third parties: The cookies files provided toGoogle Companyare used for extensive attendance analysis. Cookies from services like YouTube and Facebook are taken over to our servers in order to use the interactive elements of these services on our pages. These subsequently use obtained information for another videos recommendation,which you might be interested in or to select a list of fans of our Facebook pages for a friendship suggestions to your circle of friends.You can read the complete overview of using the cookie files by mentioned third parties in their rules of the cookies files usage. You can change the settings of cookies files by yourself, in case you disagree with its usage on our or the other webpages. You can set the rules of cookies files usage in your web browser and decide whether you will accord it tothe second and third parties. Web browsers are set to accept the cookies files automatically by default. You can block it or activate notifications requestfor the individual “per page” approval to its usage in your web browser settings. The change you can find described, for example, in the “help” section of your web browser is only valid for one concrete web browser and one concrete device.

The cookies files can be concurrently removed by various cleaning tools. In case you manually disable using of the cookies files in your web browser, our pages won’t be using those files.

The approval of using the cookie files gives the user by clicking on dedicated button in the “bottom bar”, which is displayed on our pages. The Using of cookies files (including the third parties cookies) can be always simply disabled by the user bychanging the settings of the web browser, even though it was initiallyapproved.Some elements of our web page might not work properly though, in case you disable the using of cookies files.

We use cookies in order to custom the content for theuser. At the same time it is used for analytical and statistical evaluation of our content and services usage.



Your personal data is processed particularly in order to issue the business offers, or possibly for communication with you regarding the assignment you have written down in the contact form. It can result in a sale contract signing for delivery of our products or services. This activity mainly consists of receiving and processing the orders, invoices and tax documents issuing, payment records, goods dispatching to chosen address, etc.

In order to fulfil all the legal regulations properly, we process personal data also for the accounting, register administration, or reclamation and complaint resolving proposes. In some cases, the personal data processing is needed for lawsuit and out-of-court debt recovery purposes.Your personal data is also processed for the purposes of information about our services and products in the form of direct marketing.



Your personal data is processed in accord with the law on the basis of the legal regulations if:

The processing is necessary for the contract fulfilment (for example the sale contract)  and you are a contracting party, or you asked us for precaution before the contract signing.

Or the processing of your personal data is necessary in order to stake a claim for our legitimate interest, which is mostly the offer and selling of products and services to the customers.

Or you gave us the permission to one or more purposes, which may include mainly activities connected with the offer of products and services, or processing in order to adjust the offer to your expectations.



The personal data may be accorded to following categories of recipients during the processing:

Courier and transportation companies

Marketing agencies and call centers

IT services providers and telecommunication operators

Attorney and Law agencies

Appraisers and Expert witnesses

Encashment companies anddistrainers

The Court and Law enforcement authorities

Accounting agencies, Auditors and Tax advisors



In case of the approval (with sending newsletters, discounts and price reduction information) from the person involved, we will process your personal data only to the moment until you take your approval back. In case of the legitimate interest, we will keep processing your data until the time it will be meaningful (e.g. considering the life cycle of a product or service purchased in order to offer you and provide you with the related products and customer care and service.

In the case of the contract fulfilment, we will process your data until the end of a contractual relationship, including the warranty and the terms of reclamation. In order to protect our legitimate interests we can keep archiving chosen data for the period of relevant limitations of time lasting.

In the case of a legal obligation fulfilment, we will process your data for the time period determined by the law. As to theaccounting law, VAT law, etc., the archiving period may last for 10 years.




The safety or your personal data is a crucial matter for us. All of our employees are committed under a pledge of reticence, and are regularly educated on the problems of personal data and safety of information.  The access permissions are strictly managed on the basis of physical and logical safety.

We regularly analyze all the potential safety risks and suggest and execute corrective solutions



We are ready to protect your rights while processing your personal data.

You have the right to access your personal data as well as the right to know the purposeitwas processed for, who is the recipient of your personal data and the period of its processing.

You have the right of correction.If your personal data is incorrect or it has was changed, contact us and we sill correct it for you.

You have the right of deletion of your personal data, if it is incorrect or processed illegally.

If your personal data was processed on the basis of your approval, you have the right to take it back any time without affecting the legality of its initial processing based upon the approval given before it was taken back.

You have the right to limit the processing. We can process the data only for the most necessary reasons or not to process it at all, if you wish so.

You have the right to protest anddemand an automated individual decision-making, if you find out, or you think that this processing is illegal or it violates your rights.

You have the right for transmissibility of the data. If you wish to transfer your data to other processor, we will provide it to you in relevant format, if we do not encounter technical or legal obstacles.

You have also the right tofile a complaint to the supervisory body, which is The Office for Personal Data Protection of Slovak Republic, residing at Hraničná 12, 820 07 Bratislava 27, Slovak Republic,Business ID: 36 064 220, phone no.: +421 2 3231 3220,



Your rights can be put into effect at following address: EKOSYSTÉMY, s.r.o.Ul. Maticeslovenskej 10, 971 01 Prievidza

You can contact us via telephone at number: +421 46 548 7049, in writing at the address of the company residence given above, or via email:

Your request will be answered for free in the time period of 30 days. We are entitled to prolong this period by another 60 days, in case of complexity of the request, oran excessive number of orders. If this situation occurs, you will be notified and given the explanation.If your request is obviously unreasonable or repetitive, we are entitled to charge you with adequate administrative fee to cover our expenses related to providing you with this service.



You can reach out for us at the address:EKOSYSTÉMY, s.r.o.Ul. Maticeslovenskej 10, 971 01 Prievidza

You can contact us via phone at number +421 46 548 7049,in writing at the address of the company residence given above, or via email: